Friday, May 8, 2009

I want to wake up!

It all started in my engineering. May be 1st or 2nd year, when I was getting used to my new found freedom in the hostel. At home, I was always taught (with my liking or not) that everyone has to sleep by 10.30PM. Early to bed and early to rise was the mantra I was always told from the time I started drinking milk from glass instead of bottles. But once I reached my engineering, new gates opened for me-gates of freedom. I had no one to tell me what to do and when to do. I started taking my own decisions with my loyalty towards rebelling against rules. First ‘rule’ I broke was my sleeping habits. From a guy who used to sleep around 11, I started slowly sleeping around 12, 1 PM and that increased to 2, 3 AM by the time my friends circle grew. But sleep is a natural phenomenon and you don’t mess around with it without screwing your own life.I learnt it the hard way. A normal man needs minimum of 8 hours of sleep and If I am sleeping at 4 AM & wake up by 8 for my college, How would the remaining 4 hours get compensated? Well you guessed it right, by sleeping in the classes. And there starts my story or guess probably it did end.

I was renowned at college as a guy who can sleep literally anywhere, anytime. And I gave them ample proof for my reputation to survive always. I slept in all classes at last bench , so shamelessly that a proff shifted my bench where there was no fan and yet I slept as if I was in the AC. I should here credit my proffs for trying so hard and some of their methods included –sending me out of the class, making me wash my face etc and one proff was so hell bent on making me lose this habit that he chose the best method of all. He made me stand in my place till the class gets over. But as I said , sleep is a natural phenomenon and one should never play with it, I was sent out of his class forever till the rest of the semester for trying to sleep while standing. HELL NO I am NOT kidding , my classmates will vouch for it. My partners in crime-Pradeep Reddy , Chaitu and co were witness to this unusual act of mine and it soon became a folk story for generations of students who came every year. I always tell everyone that engineering days were the best days of my life and add ‘conditions apply’. That’s because I had enjoyed more outside the college or when I was bunking classes but a classroom was always my bedroom irrespective of time/date/month.

Almost 4 yrs since I finished my engineering , now where do I stand? It was once again my ‘new found freedom’ which shaped my stay in I2IT last 2 yrs-A hostel with NO restrictions. At engineering hostel, we were not allowed to be in our rooms during college time and that was why I used to go to college regularly and sleep there. But here I had no such restrictions and that made me spend my day time sleeping in my own room under my blanket. This has become a sort of addictive habit which led to sleepless nights and sleepy days and it’s a vicious cycle which is threatening every biological cycle my body undergoes. I am sure , people reading this piece would tell me to sleep at night to avoid these problems. Easier said than done when I love nights. But something has to be done soon and I intend to change my habits soon. By ‘soon’ I mean from tomorrow morning! And I am pretty sure I can do it because sleep is a natural phenomenon. Once I stop sleeping during day time , my nights will be peaceful again. I have a set of devoted friends here who try to wake me up every morning by calling me up and I also have a set of devoted friends (read roommates) who throw all caution to the winds and sleep along with me

People say every journey starts with a step. MY journey starts with a sound sleep and I hereby sign off hoping for to see a brighter tomorrow literally.

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