Sunday, July 26, 2009


Finally I am back without a bang. I keep promising myself that I should blog regularly but I am lazy. Lazy to do what I enjoy doing. Sounds idiotic I know but that’s how I am. The other day I was listening to Dream Theater’s new album which by the way is mind-blowing, I was just thinking about the change in my music tastes. So I started a self retrospection about songs I liked and more importantly the songs I hated.

Mom told me that I was a huge MJ fan as a kid and surprisingly I used to sleep every night listening to those songs. I thought I must be the only kid on this goddamn planet to actually sleep listening to MJ songs. Then I remember listening to songs from telugu movies Gharshana(1988)and Geetanjali (1989). But to say I listened to those songs would be an understatement as my mom swears now that she hates the very sound of those songs because I used to play them 24/7 continuously without stopping. Well I don’t know if 5 yr old kids behave this way but I did. After that I don’t remember any particular obsession or liking for any kind of music. Well the main reason for this was, though I had a tape recorder, I never bought any cassettes except for odd few. My dad had/has a huge collection of classical music and me without even listening to it decided it to be crap and didn’t give it a chance-probably my biggest mistake! So even after I grew up, music was just a pastime for me back then as most people think. I used to listen to music for entertainment. Catch some odd song on TV, hum it later on and forget it after few days-this was my idea of music. But even in this self imposed bullshit, I noticed something. I couldn’t just forget few songs. I actually liked listening to them every time I play it continously and if I try to find out the music director, I get only one name-Ilayaraja.

I hated English songs. English songs were a rage among friends and they are always the first choice for playing on those 1000 watts music machines. I don’t know why I hated them and every time I was introduced to new songs, I hated them more. I listened to them, may be even hummed it later on but bitched about them openly. Well you can’t blame me for this mind block after I tell you the bands I was exposed to-Aqua, Vengaboys, Dr.Alban and oh yeah the famous ‘Back street boys’. I concluded English music is for sick and perverts when one fine day, dad took out of his gramophone records and played ‘BoneyM’. Now this was something truly magically. I was listening to something truly beautiful as if looking at the green fields in the country side. Though I admit, BoneyM is the only pop band I ever listened to in my life but that was my first taste of quality English music.

Now music for me is more than a passion. Now I do not believe for a minute that music is for entertainment. Music is not like other arts. I realized music is not just trying to create some hummable tune but there is a whole song structure that can be written on paper even before playing a single riff. I am still a novice when it comes to differentiating various instruments used in songs when I am trying to analyze them or understanding the genre of the song by listening to it. But I am learning and I am enjoying this learning process to the hilt. I consider Ilayaraja as the best music composer in India and listen to quite a few English bands now. I love hard/classic rock very much and probing into metal very slowly. Right now I have three favorite bands- Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater among others. I don’t know how my music tastes might change in future but even if I does, I would know the reason.

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