Monday, August 17, 2009


Last Saturday was special for many reasons.
It’s been 10 years since I passed my 10th class. I never knew, time has this uncanny ability to go faster than you can ever imagine. And 10 years went by like a breeze. So technically speaking, my gang which started taking form in my 8th class completed 13 years. Even more practically speaking- we are getting old. My dad was of the opinion that friends are like relatives- ‘they show up when they need you’ and always comes up with his famous line with stretched arms- ‘look around me- none of my friends are with me now at this age’. He is probably true when 80 % of the relations in life get affected by Life. But I knew he already ate his own words long ago when he spoke about my friends to my relatives 2-3 years back. And no, I am not going to discuss any of my friends in this post.

Ok coming back to the point - from the time we left school until we all graduated 4 yrs back, it was all a dream run. From then onwards, there was just one instance since last 4 years where all the members of the group are present and even then it IS a dream run all along. And that’s what makes the last Saturday very special. It was a reunion of 6 of us-close friends with just one missing (now he can’t just hop on a flight and come here from US). So after the party, I sat down to think about the various memorable incidents of our journey and ended up smiling to myself. The funniest one was probably the 1999 New Year party- I would probably be killed for even mentioning this but I prefer washing this particular dirty linen in public. It was those good old days when New Year party means watching TV till the countdown to midnight and then followed by usual cake cutting. (I know it sounds boring but hell we were in 10th class). But when did things go normally for us? The so called ‘decent party’ ended up with all ‘playing’ with the cake inviting the wrath of the family members of the party host and then cleaning the house for the rest of the night with water and broom sticks. Hilarious and ridiculous!

May be this experience gave us some food for thought and our future parties were better organized. It’s practically impossible to talk about every single party, because every time we all met amidst the frolicking fun we have, there is always another different controversial layer behind it that brings out the unexpected from the most mundane situations and made them a tale to tell for our children. One such example was the infamous kallu-Ganju spat. There were rumors that this spat was inspired from the movie Dil Chahta hai and looking at the proceedings back then, it was fairly a good act. Extremely unnecessary and aesthetically wrong, this fight brought out those simmering fires every time we all met. Eventually (say 1 year) things cooled down to normalcy but the spat triggered many discussions and debates-all of them sarcastic.

There were scores of other wonderful memories but I guess GOA trip(2007) was the best. No question about it. 6 guys on bikes wearing shorts, roaming on beaches was inspiring. So what made all of us tick? Remember I said, I won’t discuss my friends here? (in the first paragraph). Well I lied. A sneak preview of each guy is right here. And you will know this is why we are all together-we are all different.

1)Kallu :He is the living example of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar with a small change and trust me he always gets the maximum TRP ratings. The change here being his girls-every time they get committed to him, they get married to someone else. Interesting right? We have suggested him to start a bureau to help unmarried girls around the globe.

2)Ganju (the centre of attraction): It sounds like a Telugu movie caption but holds true for this guy in every negative sense. He is our butt of all jokes. We are contemplating to release ganju jokes in the lines of sardar jokes and make him immortal in this stinking world.

3)Potti: He is our official ‘India tv’-the head of our news department. News from every corner should and will pass through this guy. He also holds the credit of starting an online news piece called ‘gaama news’ and provides ample entertainment to all of us with his latest stale news.

4)Manik (Russell Peters of HC-kings): His sense of humor caused people to cry rather than just laugh. Well it’s good to laugh till you cry than simply cry and he ensures it with aplomb & with an air of easiness. By the way he has the most common face in this world and yet you would fail to recognize him the 2nd time you see him , thanks to his alarmingly close proximities to Michael Jackson.

5)Chandu (The youngest big daddy): Caption sounds ridiculous I know but there lies the irony. Being the youngest and also the most mature is probably the biggest challenge of his life and to deal with 6 other crazy nuts is no easy job. It’s also widely believed that when Chandu and Manik meet, even the gods take a break to watch the rare scene. ( What they take break from is not yet known to mankind)

6)M.L- Offer him beer-biryani and he would sell Charminar to you. At least he would give you some logic (understood by only him) which would make you feel you already own Charminar. Talk to him if you don’t believe me. Period.

7)Kodi- that’s me. The driving force of our gang. No, not the way you guys think. I am the official luck charm for everyone ( Kismat Konnection anyone?) and responsible for every twist & turn in their lives with just my presence. No wonder M.L gave me the title- “There are 100 crore types of badlucks in this world and you are the sole heir to all of them”. Sigh , so true because the moment I was about to publish this post, I expected the internet to get dc and instead I had a power cut.


  1. U just cant deny on the facts that have been published in the post , There are many things which have not been disclosed...and yet just having a skim of the blog u can just make out what kind of people youa re dealiing with ....

    I am one of the proud member of this 'ASS'-ociation !!!!


  2. Well its always nice catch-up with ur old buddies.

  3. nd ur luck just got worse



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