Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Stroke Of Luck

Odd things happen to you every day?

You make meticulous plans and yet they crash like a pack of cards always?

You try travelling by bus and it breaks down almost every time?

You try travelling by your bike and it gets punctured twice in half an hr span?

You try browsing internet and power goes?

The power comes back the very second you shut down your computer only to go off again because you switched on your system again?

Then hey, you are in luck. You just found your long lost brother-ME. That’s my daily routine.

Talking about luck is much easier than defining it and with respect to me it’s even easier. For long I wondered, why I like talking about my luck or for that matter the lack of it. I don’t have an identity crisis to think everything in negative terms and whine all my life. I don’t even care for all the sympathy I might garner with my constant whimpering about my infamous ‘happenings of coincidence’. Then why, in the name of all good things in this life do I have to remind everyone all the time about this unique phenomenon? I have only one answer-because it’s funny. Every time when things don’t go your way, I am sure you get riled by the situation but have a good laugh at it the next day. That’s the way it should be and that’s the way this post is.

I don’t know when I realized I am special (not retarded). Probably too many coincidences gave me enough clues. I remember my family had shifted back to Hyderabad in 1996 after a five year stint at Chennai and I joined 8th standard at MIS. The same year, state government came up with a unique plan-to change the syllabus/textbooks/Exam paper patterns for one particular standard each year. And it started with us. That year, everything came out late. Textbooks were printed and distributed like food packets to drought hit areas-always inadequate and unavailable. Owing to excellent planning by the then state government, the plan was enforced the following year and the next. So our batch was the luckiest to face the problems all three years of our school. It doesn’t stop here-in my 11th, 12th they (intermediate board) also decided to change everything-right from the prescribed text books to the final exam model papers. But all this is nothing when compared to my engineering fiasco. When I joined engineering at Chennai, my college was under Madras University and after first year Anna University took over and ours was the first batch of B.E under Anna University. I along with my batch must be the first students on earth to study engineering under two universities. After my engineering, my twisted mind had then decided to pursue a management course to enhance my job prospects. And the saga continued there with even more devastating effects- Merely one month into my course, we were warned of the upcoming recession which by the end of my course grew into economic depression leading to the decline of recruitment's in IT industry in India. By the way my specialization in MBA is Information technology.

All this is very superficial and observed over the years. But there can be no second doubt when it comes to my special attraction to trivial yet regular occurrences like traveling. BUSES and me have this love-hate relation. I seriously lost count how many times the bus broke down every time I travel on it-be it local or Volvo AC buses. Once when I was traveling from Pune to Hyderabad and at three in the night the bus had to be stopped because people smelled something funny (I didn’t). I was still lying in my seat when people were getting down slowly. Finally I couldn’t hold myself and got down .I went behind the bus and what I saw made me freeze with shock. Fire was emanating from the engines, spreading towards the sides and the driver was trying to put it out with a goddamn Aquafina water bottle. I was dumbstruck and was scratching my ass. Come on, my seat was right above the engine for god’s sake. I was left wondering about the consequences of sleeping in my seat without getting down. Well the fire was finally put out and from 3 AM to morning 6, we all spent our time on that deserted road before another bus was arranged. It being a chilly December night made things even more complicated.

Few weeks after this incident, I told this story to my friend when we were traveling together in a local bus. He was rolling with laughter and tried to be rational in his opinions.
“Come on man, I am sure you don’t believe it. Do you?”-he said with a sneer. I replied-“no” with a smile. I knew where he was hinting at. “Let’s see, if anything happens to this bus this time, I shall take your word” he retorted. I sighed-when the hell did I say I control fate and destiny in this world?-I thought. Some people don’t get the joke-these are coincidences with just alarming regularity. Anyways the bus didn’t break down that day but a little while after he said that, a woman suddenly slapped some guy because she felt him trying to get close and a fight broke out. It was all chaos for full 20 minutes until those guys were finally thrown out and all this time, my friend looked at me and I glanced out of the window-whistling.

Such weird occurrences have become a part and parcel of my life. Now neither do I wonder why my scooty gets punctured always nor do I question why IMAX canceled its show for the day. I don’t get surprised when the printer in a net centre suddenly stops working. I find it perfectly natural when there is a power cut exactly when Sachin comes to bat and it comes back the moment he gets out. I also don’t swear at anyone when my internet gets disconnected exactly when my downloads are 98% completed and re-connects instantly as if to mock me. Seriously I have fallen in love with such situations that I can’t live without them. They provide the comic relief to my mundane boring life but I can’t help all those people who get affected by my presence. I would advise them to take it very easily. I believe in smiling today because I expect tomorrow to be even worse. It would be very unfair on my part if I don't acknowledge the good days I had /will have. In fact, I appreciate them even more for the reasons stated above. I have no complains with my life and I love it this way.


  1. Adi, you're 'special' :D :P hahah

  2. @ Ana

    haha so are you kiddo >:D<

    @ Shail

    Thank you.

  3. heh heh heh...good going pal...good going...:P

  4. @ana

    You are special. End of Argument :P

    @ Sid or SRK :P

    Thanks pal :)

  5. @Aditya
    found your blog in Sid's!!
    I was imagining all the situations... especially "driver was trying to put it out with a goddamn Aquafina water bottle."
    It was a funny situation!!
    Btw,it happens very often...

    For me its sehwag's batting! When current come's my friend will tell me "Hey ya shruti i gues India lost its first wicket and that has to be sehwag!" To my horror it ll be sehwag, scoreboard will be blinking:0/1

    98% download is another thing which happens to me!!

    Damn good writing and i ws able to visualize things!!

    Good one!!
    Keep going!

  6. @ana

    Dont remind me that :P I am already conscious about my age ;)

    @ Shruti

    hehe yeah it happens with everyone. It just happens to me regularly ;).

    Haha cricket coincidences are the funniest-we can blame anyone right from the tv ads to the powercuts when they get out, playing somewhere 1000s of mile away ;)

    Thanks for your kind comments :)

  7. oh so u have no complains eh??

    i have lots of em
    nd m gonna giv u sm!!!

    nd dun u dare ask me "wats wrong?"
    "wat did i do?"

    jst smthin else ur luck did

  8. Areee Adi i think you missed this one a Bus broke down whn you were coming from chennai!!!!!!

  9. I hate unexpected things.. but hey power going off and bus breaking down is not unusual anymore...

    Web hosting india

  10. @Pradeep

    It happens always mamaz. I would take a book to write each and every incident :P hehe

    @ workhard

    hehe i know :)

  11. Hey Aditya..Knw wat did I feel after reading ur post- I found someone who faces things jus like me.... as u said- "You just found your long lost brother-ME." :P

    I could completely relate to it..... Happens with me too very very often... especilaly the power goes off.. net disconnects.... bus breaks down... i forget things..Imp ones like wallet when needed..... every, every ...everythin .. I mean....!!!!

    Good one... I m Hpy to be Lucky :)

  12. wow i have a companion. Yipeeee :D

    Welcome aboard maam :D

    Thanks for dropping in! :)

  13. Transforming thoughts into words is the problem of many and you do it very easily..!!

    //The power comes back the very second you shut down your computer only to go off again because you switched on your system again// --->>Loved this

    And those who complain about the 'happenings of coincidence' are the real unlucky.. and those who make fun of it are more than lucky and that's why these occurences always choose the lucky.. :)

    This post is worth making a print in Hindu or Times...!!

  14. Fun post lovers,

    also have a look at this blog


    P.S : The above is not my blog-- This was my favorite blog before I visited Aditya's blog.. Now it's one of my favorites ....

  15. @frisbee

    Thank you so much. The Hindu? How I wish haha ...Thanks again

    I shall check that blog link. Thanks for pointing it out :)


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