Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A brochure

Disclaimer: This is a repost of sorts with changes and additions from my old deleted blog.

Being a MBA graduate has its own pros and cons. During the admissions season, I get lot of scraps from different MBA aspirants who find my profile from various ‘college related communities’ that I have joined in orkut. I don’t claim to be the only one who gets them-probably all my batch mates would be getting these scraps asking us to give them information about the college, its faculty, its placements etc with the hope of getting any information which is not present in the glittery brochures or flashy college website. So I decided to write about my management institute.-International Institute of Information technology (I2IT), Pune.

Myth: This is IIIT (triple IT).

Reality: This is I2IT( I square IT)

Few details...

1.Infrastructure:-It’s a five star hotel with hostel rooms for more than 1000 students.

2.Combined hostels:-NO separate hostels for boys and girls. They believe in Unity is strength. So boys & girls live in the same hostel but different rooms.

3.High Security Zone:- Two guards watch the gate and you can take a nuclear bomb inside if you can fit it inside a bag. Well students in my college are all peace lovers-they choose the bottles instead.

4.Internet:-24 hrs internet connection maintained by excellent LAN committee. I say excellent because they excellently dodge your questions when net is down.

5.Entertainment:-A database called DCPP where we can get movies for download, songs, videos, stuff and softwares-name it and you get it. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say; you would be finding even the Saas Bahu serials (episode wise) in the database.

6.Counter Strike-Every student HAS to play this game. The authorities hasn’t yet decided to make this mandatory for the course but this is the only college where the topper of the class plays CS even before the main exams. The institute has vehemently denied the accusations that students play this game because they have nothing else to do.

7.Library:-The College boasts of a very spacious library. The administration is contemplating to remove the book shelves to make it more spacious. Magazines like ‘The Week’ come once every month. It’s the only library in this world where ‘Silence’ is not mandatory but still maintained by sheer lack of students inside.

8.Trained professors-Couple of quotes by top notch professors:

"Software is a product of software engineering just like a building which is a product of civil engineering."

"To understand particular software, one should go inside the software and then think."

"Title: The word written on top of the sheet is defined as title."

9.Placements- They place you at a very high pedestal with their promises. Promises are meant to be broken.

10.State of the art gym facilities:-This is once again common for both girls and boys. It’s widely rumored that the rules have been designed this way so that more boys get interested in gym(ing) and therefore health is wealth.

11.Tourism & sightseeing:-Symbiosis college (exactly opposite), Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys and Tata. I swear on my blog-the girls are hot.

12.Huge cafeteria- Spacious food section which caters to the needs of every student and staff. It follows a unique pattern-A hungry student walks in, eats and walks out even more hungry. This is a clever ploy by the authorities to prepare its students for the real world ahead.

And many more interesting features. Join in this great institute for just 4 lakhs and enjoy 2 years of royal life in a 5 star hotel ambience.


  1. Hi :)
    you are tagged!
    Check my blog!

    Keep smiling!

  2. hey check out..
    an award awaits you.....

    and why are u sarcastic towards your college.. i mean every college has its pros and cons....

  3. Lol that was funny.Enjoyed reading this a lot :)
    But boys and girls putting up in the same hostel...isn't that sorta weird?

  4. @Shruti

    Yes coming.

    @ RSV
    Oh cool. Checking out.
    Well its just an attempt for humour :)

    Thanks a lot. Yes weird for others but thats how it is in that institute. people have got used to it now there. Its fun yeah ;) :)

  5. You are making us turn Green wt ur five star living!!!!!!

    I liked the explanation for "Title"!!

  6. How the academic scene has changed. I hope the faculty and the quality of education matched the infrastructure.

  7. @Anu

    hehe thank you :P

    @ Viji

    hehe but its past :P i am out of college now. Passed out this July :) .

    Well no, quality sucks. Thats the reason the institute has the same value it had 5 years ago-no value addition.

  8. hilarious. how are the boys of cognizant, symbiosis etc? the readers of your blog might just be females waiting to know more, you know :p

  9. Wow combined hostels. Really? Ummm! Isn't that dangerous? :D

    Lol @ excellently dodging questions!

    I used to use DCPP too! It's quite awesome!

    Hahah @ the week coming once every month :D

    Oh my god @ going inside the software to know what they're thinking. I guess that's more easier than getting into a guy's head?

  10. @Dhanya
    Extremely dangerous :P

    Well we never could understand that going into software techniques. or else we would have ruled this world! :D

    Thanks for the visit :D and keep visiting ;)

  11. @Olive oyl

    Ahh I am very sorry. I never noticed them :P I was too busy taking care of my eyes ;) hehe

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  13. Wow.. couldn't stop reading till the end..!!!

    And I was a part of the LAN committee @ college, well , an excellent member :x ( I should admit at least now)

    I heard that 'such' hostel culture was in Germany, Swiss etc.. Glad that it has come to India too..!! I don't need to plan my PG abroad..!! :) :) :D ;)

  14. Haha why go to germany, swiss when we have our dear India 'developing' ;)

    Thanks for your appreciation :)

  15. Hey...Cool description..though it sounded a bit sarcastic.....!!! Well...anywaysu hv completed ur two yrs stay in 5-star hotel..!!!;)

    But know wat....??I hv realised tht we can find faults wid our insti to our hearts content ... same here....... :P But wen some1 from other instiutes say a word abt ur colg...u try to justify n prove ur colg asa good goood place..u know the Perfect place... so ..Is it the same wid u..???

    TC :)

  16. @ Thank you.

    haha yeah, was just trying some humor about college :). So sarcasm is the bets weapon ;)
    Everyone loves their colleges :)

    Thanks for the visit :)

  17. Isquare IThuh!
    How to get admission into this college?
    Everything sounds funky about it!
    I liked the library description part, it was too funny!

  18. @pawan-Very easy, just apply.They would be glad to take you in ;)

    Thank you. Keep visiting :)


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