Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our greatest gift

This is not a movie review. No, this post is not even going to recommend you to watch the movie. This movie is one of my favorites and incidentally I had discussed it exactly one year back, at a different blog under different circumstances. That blog is now deleted and so is that article but a mere delete button can’t erase a thought process. I frankly don’t know why I like this movie. I am not much of a movie buff-I merely like watching movies with my friends whenever we feel like. I might catch an odd movie on TV but I never finish-the moment the first ads come, I get up and go away. But this was one movie I started watching and even finished it till the end, enduring all the ads in between and managing weird looks from my folks at home. They thought I finally went crazy. I can’t really blame them when I was watching an Iranian movie with English sub titles on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t even know which language the movie actually was in. The name of the movie is “Taste of Cherry”

The movie deals with a simple theme. It starts with a man named Badi, driving around the city looking around for someone who can help him. He wants someone to help him and in return he is ready to give him huge amounts of money. Driving around in his car, he first encounters a young soldier who is on his way back to his camp. He offers lift to the soldier and asks him if they can take a longer route while they talk. The soldier, being very shy reluctantly agrees. Here, it’s revealed that Mr.Badi actually wants to kill himself. He wants to be buried alive and even digs a grave for himself; and all he requires is another person who can throw the earth on him. The soldier refuses his weird request even though he is in dire need for money. After the soldier, the man encounters an Afghan who also refuses because of religious reasons. Undeterred by his failures, he asks one university professor while dropping him at his university. The professor agrees to help him and promises to come to the told place next morning. While they are conversing, the professor tries to talk him out of his lunatic ideas. He tells him an interesting experience of his own life.

The old professor remembers how he was very frustrated with life. Just after his marriage, he had all kinds of problems with his spouse and one day he just decided to end it all. One fine morning just before dawn, he took a rope in his car and drove to the mulberry plantations. His mind made up and he was ready to kill himself. He had stopped near a mulberry tree and without wasting time, he climbed the tree. After reaching the top branch, he started tying the rope to it when his hand crushed something underneath. They were mulberries. He popped one in his mouth and found them very sweet. He had some more when he saw a few school children walking by. When they saw him atop the tree, they started asking him for the fruits and he obliged them; threw many mulberries on the ground. Then he gathered few mulberries for himself and took them to his wife. She loved them and ate them with relish. He goes on to remark that he had gone to kill himself and came back home with mulberries. Those sweet fruits saved his life. Did his problems vanish after this incident? - He wonders. No, but he suddenly had a different outlook towards them. With an understanding smile, he continues talking and proceeds to tell Mr.Badi a joke-says there was a Turk who went to visit a doctor. The Turk tells doctor-that his whole body is in pain. Where ever he touches his body, it hurting him very much-be it his head, hands, legs or belly. The doctor examined him and told him-“Your body is fine but your finger is broken”. He then tries to rationalize with the man by correlating the joke with his own life. He tells the man that there is nothing wrong with him except his outlook on life and world is not the way he sees it. The movie ends with the man Mr.Badi sleeping inside his grave and we are not exactly shown if he dies or not.

The movie was not only inspirational but was very interesting and teaches us an old philosophy-Life is very valuable and uncertain. Everyone has problems-problems don’t see any difference in caste, creed, religions and color. But having a positive approach to life should reduce the burden considerably and also makes us enjoy what we have-our life. Our greatest gift we have right now is the fact that we are alive. Till yesterday, our honorable chief minister of A.P was smiling and today he is dead in a helicopter crash. Not that I am a great fan of his, but I am just implying the uncertainty of life. The movie and today’s incident has NO relation whatsoever but it just popped up in my mind. Today is a sad day, when our chief minister Y.S.R Reddy met with an untimely death on his helicopter crash near Nallamalla forest terrain. His body was found today morning after 24 hours of manhunt in whats called the biggest search operation ever. Let’s pray for their family and may they have the strength to bear this loss.

Rest in peace Dr. Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy (1949-2009)


  1. hey i loved the way you narrated the movie. Especially the man atop the mulberry tree!
    Life is very uncertain! Very true!!
    There is so little life, and it is fraught with chance. We meet, we don't meet, we take the wrong turning, and still bump into each other. We conscientiously choose the 'right road' and it leads nowhere. Thats the uncertainity of life!

    U linked this post with YSR Reddy.
    Great thinking!
    May his soul rest in peace!

    Keep smiling!

  2. hey aditya,
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  3. Good story adi....but why r u getting so philosophical day by day??? Are u alright???

  4. Good story adi....but why r u getting so philosophical day by day??? Are u alright???

  5. sounds like a lovely movie. i think i'll try to hunt it down! :)

  6. Awesome writings!

    R.I.P YSR! I still can't believe he left us all!

    PS : I'm a hydie too! Glad to have come across a hyderabadi here.

  7. @Shruti

    Thanks so much for your insights :)


    hehe i am perfectly alright mate. Just a different feather of my cap ;)

  8. @Nikita

    Yes its a good movie. You might find it in youtube if i am not wrong. If not then torrents zindabad :D Thanks for the visit.


    Thank you :) . Yes thats one unbelievable incident-a sad one :(
    May he RIP :)
    Glad to meet you too, my fellow hyderabadi :). keep visiting :)

  9. you convinced me that I should watch this movie....the cherry movie...
    good narration....I am a movie buff I should admit here..
    good comes without an O..

  10. Hey.. that seems like a pretty good movie..

    And yeah.. im upset about YSR...

    The entire state mourns..

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  11. Well with teh description it seems ... the movie inspired u a lot .... great read ... n thanks so much for the follow :)
    welcum to my blog :)
    i will try n download the movie too :)
    take care :)

  12. @ RSV

    Thanks. Yeah chekc out the movie.Its too good!


    Yes. A sad Incident

    @why serious

    Thanks.keep visiting :)

  13. this post aditya is such an eye-opener....spills some truths of life

    life is uncertain and every moment like there's no tomorrow

    excellent narration of the story~


  14. hey... cool blog you have here! The movie sounds good... bit mysterious :)

  15. ok m nt gonna read ur posts nemore

    nd u r dead

    ntg can save u nw!!!


  16. hey aditya!
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  17. @Aparna

    Thank you. Keep visiting :)


    Thanks. Movie was mysterious but very good :)


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