Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random talk

Sitting on the porch, I was fiddling with Chaitu’s wallet. As usual, I found it empty except for few odd papers. Inside a small punch, I found two photographs. One was his own passport photo while other was a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba. As I was looking at the two, he said “You are looking at two greatest people in this world”. I was amused. I replied “Well everyone knows about one of them...who the hell is the second guy?" with a mischievous smile. He raised his eye brows and silkily said "Sai baba".


We all lined up at the small stall, holding our plates, waiting for the man to dole out the delicious pani puri. Each of us had a plate, a saucer of sorts. Ganju joined in late, he was given a plastic plate instead of a saucer. Chandu was quick to remark-“That’s prevention for swine flu”. Ganju was very amused and retorted-“Oh really? So I won’t get this damn flu eh?” sarcastically. Chandu coolly replied-"It’s a prevention measure for the stall so that they don’t get it from you”.


After we took the tickets, I saw that we had 15 more minutes for the movie to start. I along with my friends sat at a porch near the entrance, waiting for the theatre guy to open up the door. Almost immediately, a beggar came up to us and started begging in his quintessential style. He tapped at our feet with his hand, he requested, pleaded, told us how he didn’t eat since morning. In spite of our repeated declining and ignoring, he was persistent. After 5 whole minutes, my friend couldn’t take it any longer and said-“You and me are the same. You have the courage to beg while I can’t. Now will you please go?”


I was lazily lying on my bed while both my roommates-Ankur and veeru were cleaning the room. The room was very neat in comparison to the usual bachelor rooms’ standard but it was getting too watery and stuffy thanks to the rains. An exasperated Ankur suddenly said-“man if I can, I want to throw all Adi’s clothes out of this room.” Veeru was quick to reply-“Yeah but I want to throw Adi out of this room”


At a recent interview in a reputed company, the interviewer glanced at my resume and asked me-
“You did your B.E in electrical & electronics and then you did a certification in Oracle. After that you did MBA in information technology and now you are applying for a financial profile. In which domain are you exactly good at?”
Her face resembled a cat caught in a traffic jam when I had replied truthfully-“Blogging”.


  1. That's so very interesting!
    All of them brought a smile.
    But liked Random Talk No. 3 and 5 the most!! :D
    Good one! :)

  2. wow...man...ur domain is really blogging...:P lage raho...

  3. lol.. i like the last one.. Blogging...

    enjoyed your post..

  4. @ Shilpa garg

    Thank you so much. :)

    @ Sid

    lol thank you bro :D

    @ SOnia

    Thank you. Glad you liked it :)

  5. Hey Aditya Congratulations you've been awarded, visit

  6. lmao! last one was awesomeness :P :P
    And the second last one was cool :P

  7. Interesting...
    Last one was the coolest one :P

  8. @ Ana

    you can expect that from me :P

    @ Anu

    thank you :P everyone seems to like that one :P :

  9. Haha that was funny.I liked no 1 and no 5 best.Btw did you really tell your interviewer that your forte is blogging? :O
    I have to say this-You got guts! :D

  10. ha ha phod diya........
    blogging....u were right in saying that nonetheless.......

  11. haha all stories classic, witty and bright; guess your reply was the right one :)

  12. @Samadrita- Thank you :). Yeah I really told the interview about my blogging. Nothing to do with guts maam. it was simply the truth-I don't know anything else :P

    @RSV- Thank you bro :)

    @Kay-Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much :)

    @Kirtish Bhatt-Welcome to my blog. Glad you liked them. Thank you :)

  13. Number 5 is real. Coincidentally I wrote a few things on the same line..check out my post Losing a "Larry Steve or Michael" on jasaala.wordpress.com

  14. @Gyanban-Thank you. Ok, I shall check it out :)

  15. hey..Nice random talks...!! I liked ur last one...Blogging .....!!

    Cat caught in a trafic jam..!!! Cool phrase..!!

  16. Pure entertainment, Tarantino style!
    Loved the pure randomness of the post, especially the third and the fourth one were the rockers (I had a similar experience like the fourth one!), and the 5th one is brilliant like the others!

    Good post mate!
    Will be checking your other posts soon!


  17. Lol @ "blogging" .

    That's what my reply is going to be when I walk in for an interview :P

  18. @Urvashi-Thank you pal :). Glad you enjoyed it.

    @pawan- Thank you. Welcome to my space. Keep visiting.

  19. @Anamika-lol , I would advise you not to. I didnt get that job :P.
    Thanks for the visit :)

  20. Hey, you have a tag or two over at MM, check it out. :)

  21. Hey Adi
    I missed u in my blog-roll!! sorry for not commenting!!

    All these made me to giggle!!
    Very nice!!
    Especially that Saibaba was awesome!!

    P.S : You forgot my blog la!

  22. Love LOVED every one of them. :D Just the dose of laughter I was looking for..

    Thanks for sharing :D

  23. @Aditya:I know.But not many have the guts to speak the absolute truth. :)
    You're tagged in my last post.Check check... :D

  24. @Guria-yes, I am there right away.

    @Shruti- Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post :).

    I never forgot your blog. I still read and comment on your blog dear.Check your comments section :)

    @Dhanya-I am soo glad I made you laugh. :D Thank you.

    @Samadrita-Yeah many dont, but seriously its not about guts there, coz if I had said any other answer, I would have been grilled on that and that would have affected my chances even more. :P.

    Yes yes I am there right away :D

  25. The last two are my favorites. Lol @“Yeah but I want to throw Adi out of this room” :)

  26. @Shail-Thank you maam. yeah I know lol, my clothes were all over the room :D

  27. I happen to stumble upon your blog and now I'm glad I did so.. :)
    Liked no. 3 a lot..
    Enjoyed the post thoroughly.. :)

  28. @Karthik-I am glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the visit. :)

  29. The last one was hilarious! Would have loved to have a picture of the interviewer's face! :D

  30. Enjoyed reading them all.
    But my personal fav. is the last one.I liked the simile you used for the interviewer,'her face resembled a cat caught in a traffic jam'.


  31. @Psych Babbler- Sad, I had my mobile switched off or else I would have taken a pic for ya ;) hehe. Thank you :)

    @Chatterbox- Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoted the post :) Keep visiting for more :)

  32. Hilarious!!
    In another couple of months, when an interview asks me what I'm good at, I'll pick a leaf out f this post and say - Blogging :D LOL

  33. @Sandhya- haha i advice you not to :P . I didnt get that job ;)

    Thanks for the visit and am glad i made you laugh. Cheers :)

  34. I am reading this for the third time now... written in a very engaging manner. We all come across such crispy 'anecdotes', but tend to forget it the next day.. brilliantly narrated

    "Her face resembled a cat caught in a traffic jam when I had replied truthfully-“Blogging”."

    I am damn sure you did not get that job... :-)

  35. Enjoyed all of them. Day to day incidents portrayed in an interesting manner :) Shall keep visiting frequently hence forth :)

  36. @Talking skull- Yeah I didnt get that job :P. Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad you like my posts. Your posts are kickass dude!!

    @Raksha Raman-Welcome to my space. I am glad you liked them. Keep visiting. :)

  37. cool stuff dude!! You really rock mama...novel raayi...you shud start going into the past and think about stuff we talked about!! haha...our time at HC must have had loads of stuff like this!


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