Monday, October 12, 2009


I talk to myself.

Now this sounds like an anti climax but it’s true literally. I remember, when I was a little kid, I used to like talking to myself. Talking about oneself and to himself is like two sides of a dice-the remaining four sides are repeated with these two again. I don’t know the inner details of psychology but I can gather my wits fast enough to understand I might look crazy. When you happen to come across a person talking to him/herself, what do you do? You chuckle of course and if by any chance you are with your friends, then the mob factor comes in and you might even make faces at him to have your sadistic laugh. But I believe every one of us, at some point or the other, had talked to him/herself. There is a beautiful world, right inside us which is as imaginative as your dreams, as lovely as your… ok I was about to say ‘wife’ here.

Get my point? Let your thoughts free for a while and you can marvel at the speed by which your thoughts can jump from point to point in fractions of a second. There is a general feeling among us that people who talk to themselves are Mad. By that logic, everyone is mad-the obvious ones are those who get caught. Notice anyone who is driving a two wheeler. Even if he passes by you in a flash, you can notice a slight lip moment on his face even with his eyes, very intense with concentration on road. That’s a synchronization of the conscious and sub conscious world. That person is actually talking to himself, with full realization or not and also simultaneously concentrating on the traffic.

There are disadvantages too. I have heard of people who talk to themselves because they are mentally ill. Well that happens when you don’t have control of your mind-the sub conscious mind takes over your real world in a flash. It’s particularly dangerous when it happens when you are somewhere in a crowd. You suddenly zone out, forget where you are and a separate story track keeps running in your mind-60% of road accidents happen due to this cause.

I have always loved talking to myself whenever I am alone and I find it very refreshing. And there were instances where a different world opens up inside my head and I talk to myself without speaking out loud like those non verbal curses used in harry potter novels. I always had control of these conversations with oneself, so I know I am NOT mad. In fact, most of my blog posts including this one were written in my mind while I was driving. Right from topic to the content and sentence formation, I write everything in my head while driving and thereby composing & posting here is just a formality.

Thoughts are amazing and very original. There is always an element of creativity in our own thoughts. We have an array of creative ideas at our door step and yet we look for inspiration at the most mundane places. I have always tried to remember my dreams-most of them tend to get faded out by the end of the day. I don’t understand the psychology behind these dreams but they always get faded out of head as soon as you wake up. People dream while sleeping and wake up to forget them. But those, few who can remember their dreams, have a library of creative thoughts in his chest.

Ever talked to yourself? Ever got caught and had a sheepish grin on your face? Feel free to share your experiences at the comments section. And yes I repeat or rather I confirm-I am not mad.


  1. u must have an idea by now that I do it all the times...
    in fact my friends call me "blah blah"for this....

    and i knew I belong to the category of you..
    he he..

  2. you're not mad.;) just so normal. i was updating my blog and after doing so i read your post. and it felt good. :)

  3. hey thats nice thoughts friends... totally...

    i don't talk 2 meself...i discuss with myself...and its funny..

    i always do it while going for the loo. funny eh?

    btw did u write this article dicussing with yourself???

  4. I don't think you are mad at all. I talk to myself too...I have for many brings a lot of clarity. Especially in times of stress, I find it so helpful to talk to myself and challenge myself. And yes, I talk out loud (so it's not just verbal disputes going on in my head!) Unfortunately, there have been times when I have spoken to myself out loud when at the shops (e.g. do I need any bread??) and have got weird looks from people. But this is completely different from what individuals with mental illness do...the main difference being the coherence and flow of the thoughts. If you've ever seen a person with a mental illness that talks to themselves, it's generally quite agitated and incoherent. So keep doing it!

    By the way, years ago I read somewhere that it's highly intelligent people/gifted individuals that talk to themselves. MAde me feel really good ;)

  5. No different! I talk to myself all the time, about a lot of things! Its a way of communicating with oneself and should not be regarded as abnormal - its perhaps the sign of a genius in the making ;)

  6. I talk to myself too! Infact, there's this inner voice whom I consider to be my next best friend. Okay, did I sound retarded? I'm actually serious about this. You get this great feeling of being guided by your own self.

    There's nothing wrong in that. And when I share stuff with me =) I don't grin, but I laugh, cry & almost overdo every emotion attached with myself.

    Good write-up =)

  7. I talk to myself too.And I also confirm that I am not just normal. :)


  8. @R S V- yes sir. I know we belong to the same category :P

    @ olive oyl- Thank you. I am glad I made you feel good :)

    @Sid- Thank you mate. yeah loo is the best place really. I do it all the time :P.
    Yeah i wrote,discussed this article with myself while I was driving to my office. Once I reached office, I had my article ready :)

  9. @Psych Babbler- wow I didnt know the genius part. I got something for my ego ;) . jokes apart, as long as i am enjoying it am going to do it. You are a psychologist right?, yeah you are right about those who have mental illness, they are mainly agitated and irritated! I have seen beggers on road do that. They normally dont have anyone to talk to and they HAVE to talk to themselves. etc

  10. @Rakesh Vanamali-aha. Thanks a ton for that sir ;). Even if i become 1/4th of a genuius, consider my lie- satisfied ;) hehe. Thanks for your insights.

    @Anamika No maam, you are not retarded. Our inner voice is OUR best friend what so ever!
    Thank you :)

    @Shilpa- Great na. Thanks for your inputs and for reading :)

    @Ana-Ahhh why why? :P

  11. @Rakesh vanamali- Life* (typo)

  12. I must say even Albert Einstien talked to himself! It is a virtue of the genius - for sure!

  13. I talk to myself more than I talk to anyone else. :P and I keep talking to myself all the time. Wish that tiny voice in my head would keep quite for sometime :| :P
    PS, you're so busy these days :| :(

  14. @neeraj- Oh did he? I didnt know that. Ok now I feel good about myself ;) haha! Thanks for your visit :)

    @Ana- You are soo cute ;) . Btw you know why I am busy :P :P

  15. I talk to myself like hell lotta times trust me.. Talking to yourself teaches you a lot.. You're speaking out every situation you are in.. you will feel comforted... I'll tell you the funny thing? When I'm angry/hurt/broken/happy/smiling.. I stand in front of the mirror and speak out... :) Never got the idea of breaking it.. but I speak to myself definitely..

    happy blogging :)

  16. If you call me cute again, I'm killing you :P yeah I know why you are busy 'now' :P :P

  17. After watching As Good as it Gets, I kind of think we all have some sort of idiosyncrasies within us in varying degrees,it's how we chose to handle them determines our true personality. nice post.

  18. @Esther-Thats great news. Ypu are a genious in the making ;) your blog is good :). Thanks for the visit :)

    @Ana- Oh my god, I want to live and also call you cute :D .. Any idea how? :P

    @Gyanban- Perfectly Put sir! Thank you

  19. I talk to myself all the time. It can be very reassuring and pacifying sometimes and at other times gives me good chance to reflect over the happenings in my day to day life.

    As far as smiling and sheepishly grinning on my own lost in thoughts, yeah, I too do it sometimes.It can be fun and also embarrassing if I get caught smiling on my own over something I wouldn't like to share.

    I'll back you,in being totally sane for I too am sailing in your boat ;)(he.he.he.he)

    Wish you a very Happy & Safe Diwali!


  20. Thank you for making such a post.Now I know I ain't alone.
    Mostly I talk to myself when there's something I can't tell anyone or when I'm confused.Sometimes I even pretend to have a conversation with God even though I'm an agnostic.
    Weird eh? :P

  21. @Chatterbox-Thats great to know. I am happy that there are people like me ;).
    happy Diwali to you also :)

    @Samadrita-haha yeah I do that too even though i am an atheist. I even fight with god ;) . Thanks for your comments :)

    @Ana- Naa naa there must be a way out ;)

  22. Why are you making me spam? :P:P

  23. Yeah, I talk to myself. And I'd rather not talk about it.

    But why do you keep repeating that "you are NOT mad"... I can't convince you of that!


  24. @Ana-Then dont spam :P but you are cute :P

    @Guria- Hehe that was just meant to be funny :). Thanks for your comments :)

  25. I will. I am dheet :P and I'm not cute! [-(

  26. Adi, Congrats for blogadda pick!!
    Visit my profile :)
    Something is waiting for you!

  27. Yeah I do talk to myself from time to time! But not been caught in the act yet :D

  28. nice post .. ya but it's true that most of us talk to ourselves .. at least once a day i guess :) ..

  29. Cool post!!
    I would call it thinking out loud!

    Its a good thing to do, as long as you're not answering yourself or debating with yourself or developing different names for your different characters!!! :D

  30. Yep, I do talk to myself but not that frequently. I find it great way of expression or let me put this way that I find my expressions at its best when I am talking to myself. I normally do it as an answer given to a past/prospective question/query or to describe myself. I miss the flow if I have to write it down…Arre mujhe pata hai kitne papad belne padte hai likhne ke liye! Hmmmm :)

    BTW u do not ve my blog listed on ur blogroll? Sigh I have started talking to myself again :)

  31. Despite the fact that you're busy and all I tagged you in that last post.(yea I edited it n stuff)
    Do check it out when you have time!

  32. @Shruti-Thanks a lot. yeah I checked. Thank you soo much for your appreciation :)

    @Dhanya-Ah when you get caught, that would be funny .. isnt it ;) :) Thanks for your visit :)

    @Vinay Sharma-Thank you. Welcome to my blog. Thats true, we all talk to ourselves. At least I do :)

    @Shilpa garg-Thank you.
    Yeah, that would mean multiple personality disorder :P

  33. @numerounity-Thats perfectly what i meant. We have a perfect flow of thoughts in our mind when we are talking to ourselves and our expressions get better when we are with ourselves.

    I dont know what is blogrolling :| But I have followed you long ago and i get your post updates everytime :). Its just that i got a bit busy these days, or else i shall catch up with your posts pretty soon :)

    Thank you :)

    @Samadrita That was soo sweet of you :). I shall check it out right now. I dont know, I dont do tags actually... I shall defintely check it out :)

  34. Hi! I've come to ur blog for the first time and i must say, I am impressed!

    Talking to oneself- i've grown up with it! yes, got caught talking with myself with a very expressive face! that embarasses truely!! I am so glad to join the community of Self Talkers!

    My need to express myself made me start my blog "bubbles" recently, and i am loving it. hope to c u there!

    tc and keep blogging!


  35. Blogroll is the list of blogs that we choose to have on our the list you have at the right side of the page :)


  37. Completely swamped with work aren't you? Even the weekends? Boss is making you slave hard? Missed you in Blog-a-Ton 4... I'll email you probably... but leaving a comment nevertheless... get back soon :))

  38. @-Apoorva-Thank you so much for your insights and welcome to my blog. Sorry for the ultra late reply.
    I will check out yours defintely.

    @numerounoty-Thanks. I got it now :)

    @-Shruti-hehe konjam Konjam :P

    @-Guria-You bet :P Dont worry, I am back. :). Thank you so much for remembering me :)

  39. ok, so you are THE Aditya who happens to be one of Guria's favourite bloggers!

    I visited your blog many times thinking you might have updated it, but never see a new thought of digging your archives and I spotted philosophy label there..clicked there and came across this wonderful post..

    I call talking to myself - a second second track goes on and on all the time..most of the times, that's the only intelligent conversation I have in a day! :P OK, I know it sounds conceited, but what the heck, my mind knows that I am the most intelligent person between me and myself :P

    hope to see you blogging actively soon :)

  40. Well, thank you. She is just sweet.

    yeah, I couldn't write at all for past few months. I should be back to normal soon :P

    Thanks for your visit. Hope you enjoy my thoughts.


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