Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beginning

Many years ago, on a hot afternoon, I took birth. I looked so skinny that the nurse had wrapped me in a thick towel before showing me to my mom, just to make me look fatter. One look at my face, my family had prophesized that this young lad will grow up to be a great man. Even as the jubilant family members each took their turns to hold the ‘would be’ great man, I fell asleep. My first sleep in the real world went unnoticed but little did they know that this young boy was going to turn all their dreams into ash!

Right from the childhood, I had this ability to squash all prophesies and predictions. I remember, when I was in 4th class, my mom took me to some guru at a temple and he looked at my palm and said-“Son, you are a hard worker. Your academic life will be the best among your whole family.” My dad was ecstatic after listening to that and gave him 1001 rupees for his blessings. Twelve years later, his son was still struggling to clear his backlogs in engineering.

Studies were NEVER my cup of tea. Frankly speaking, I have failed in more subjects than those I have passed, if we at all count all the exams that I have written from my 1st class in school to this day. But one thing I always had with me was my parent’s belief in me. To say that I broke their trust would be an understatement. Try words like trampled or kicked. During my inter 2nd year (12th standard), I once scored 14 marks out of 200 at some test at college. I did what I was very good at; I put 3 in front of 14 and showed it as 143 out of 200 to dad. My dad was so happy that night; he took me out for dinner. Three years later he told me, he took me out that night only to make me regret for what I have done.

Life always gives a second chance to everyone, provided you waste your first chance. And that’s why probably life has given me yet another chance, not to redeem myself, not to prove anything to anyone, not to get into the good books of my dad and definitely not to study again but to do something worthwhile and earning my bread & butter with some self respect. Last one and half months was very eventful, filled with some happy memories that I would cherish all my life. I got my first job and received my first pay check too. Yes folks, I gave it to mom. That would explain the only reason why I wasn’t updating my blog or for that matter, not visiting any of my favorite blogs. My journey has just begun, like a runner whose actual winning or losing depends on his last lap.

Ah, it’s so good to be back to writing. To be frank, I feel like superman who can only walk. I would be posting every week and I shall take this opportunity to communicate to all my favorite blogger pals and tell them, I love your writings, people and there is no way I am going to miss even a single post. Rest assured, I shall dig all the previous posts I missed out since a month or so.

Life is full circle and all you got to do is make the ends meet.


    Okay, okay, now I am going to read the post!!!
    Okay, I'm going... to read... :P

  2. You know what I think after reading this?
    You are en route making all the good prophecies come true...
    Adi, you WILL be a GREAT MAN!
    That's all I can say!

    P.S. Your post touched my heart.

  3. Good on ya! It is unfortunate that so much emphasis is put on academics when there are a bunch of individuals who actually prefer hands on or practical stuff. Not everyone is made for the world of exams and tests to measure our abilities. For some of us, getting that job is where we will show our true potential. Kudos to you! And good luck!

  4. Hey sweetie,
    I cannot read the grey on black! Can you help!

  5. Congratulations for the job. And all the best for life ahead.!!!



  6. Congratulations! People often take good things that they are blessed with for granted! In your case, that perhaps might not happen considering the extra time and effort that you have put to get where you are :)Hope you get more opportunity to make your folks happy! Wishing you the best of luck!

  7. Congratulations Aditya!!

    I'm really happy for you.

    Welcome to the Working World!!
    Looking fwd to posts relating your work environment.

    Keep on writing

  8. A perfect writeup for a perfect post... truly back wid a bang...:D

    and congo man for your first paycheck, party chahiye...


  9. oh...this was an 'awwww' post :P
    congrats on the job. m sure ur dad feels more proud of u than u're aware :)

  10. This was really touching! One of the best posts I have read in recent times. Congrats on your job! :) Hope you make your parents even more proud as years pass by...

  11. Life always gives a second chance to everyone, provided you waste your first chance..

    rest read Guria's second comment..

  12. CONGO....BINGO....BONGO :D
    absolutely rocking!!!!!!

    Well the lapse of time u weren't here...I updated my blog and customized it too!

    Good luck and congrats yet again!

  13. @Guria- Haha that was soo sweet of you guria! Thank you so much! you are so kind to em always :)

    @Psych babbler Thank you. Yeah I know. I am going to take a crack about the education system also one day :P hehehe.

    @Linda-Didnt get you. The post is perfectly readable dear. Just try to refresh your page once :)

    @Shilpa-Thank you so much :)

  14. @Raksha Raman-So true :). Thank you so much :)

    @Sonia-Definitely :). Thank you :)

    @Sid-haha pakka :P milo toh sahi. Thanks man :)

    @Ana-Thankoooo >:D<

    @Nikita-Thank you. yeah I guess he does ;) hehe

    @Dhanya-Thank you so much dhanya :)

  15. @RSV-Thanks a lot man :).

    @Ipshita-Thanks a lot. yers I did check your blog. its looking cool. I shall check out your posts on saturday for sure :)

  16. Ditto…I use to give my exams as if I am doing some kind of honor to the institute of examination. I will study at nth hour and that too only to get myself decent grades even though I know that I can score the highest I never gave it a care. I do regret it sometime no but buddy past is passed.

    While everyone in my vicinity predicted and were damn sure of me doing my MBA from nothing less than IIM-A, I once again crashed their dream by taking admission in to a nationally lesser known but regionally/ racially bigger known college. People thought I will take a WPM [whoever pays more] job but I took up assignment for ICT industry on a pro bono basis until the day I realized that charity begins at homeJ lolz

    Coming to your post, I like your clarity of thoughts and simple expressions. I am sure that you would not have missed a lot of my posts as I am quite to lazy to write these daysJ

    Take care…

  17. hi! happy for you..
    but you know success does not depend only on academics... in my profession the ppl who fail the most turn out to be the most successful... so you wil do great!!

  18. Congratulations. And good luck.

  19. This is my first visit, but I'm very impressed with your blog. I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange to spread some traffic around. Let me know if this is cool.


  20. @ Aditya

    ...let us together CelebrateLife!
    Celebrate friendship amid in blogger's bonding

    To celebrate, Kindly accept and collect this award and Honour me!

  21. Congratulations Aditya :)
    Great News!!

    It was a touching piece with emotions wrapped up in every word. Life is a race, you might not be a sprinter but you are definitely a marathon racer. People who might have been a bit slow in the start yet determined to make it to the end are the ones who succeed and make it big.

    I too believe you'll make it big someday.After all everything in life can't be judged only on the scores in our report cards.

    Am glad to see you back.

    Keep up the good work :)

    Hope to see you around.


  22. Good Luck Aditya 4 the new beginning......!!

  23. Lovely write up and good picture to go along with, I know the feeling of earning the first month pay check and giving it to MOM. Havent seen such a honest writing before! Bravo!! Wishes for a fulfilling successful career mate.

    Sri / Came via Chatterbox blog :P

  24. hey tinku !
    glad to see your post again.

    great read brother. keep writing more frequently.

  25. Numerunity-First of all thanks a lot for thet huge comment amd insights. Appreciated completely :). Thanks for your wishes :) anmd lets see if I can live up to that :P .

    @Sorcerer-Thank you

    @Tanmaya-Thank you for your valuable comments. Yeah I also believe academics is not the only yard stick :)

    @Radha-Thank you so much.

    @Giant's fan-Welcome to my blog. I dont link up for traffic, I am sorry. I shall visit your blog for sure. :) Thanks for the offer :)

    @Nikhil Patokar-Thank you so much. Welcome to my space :)

  26. @rachana-Thank you so much for your kind words and award :).

    @Chatterbox-Thank you so much dear for your kind words and valuable inputs. I appreciate your belief that I would make it big one day, though I myself am not sure of that :P lol. Thanks a lot again! :)

    @Urvashi-Thank you dear.

    @Srivats-Welcome to my space :). Thanks for your kind words mate! :)

    @Shashikanth-Thank you bro! Yeah I shall try to be more regular :)


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