Monday, December 28, 2009

A screwed up trip...

A stay is better than a mere visit. Literally, I would love to stay in Chennai all my life if needed but a visit to that place is a strict no-no! Unfortunately, last week I had to visit Chennai. I was visiting the city after 4 long years but nothing changed. Chennai is a city which doesn’t change much. Let me list out few problems at Chennai for visitors.

1) Exorbitant charges by auto drivers-They will charge you 100 bucks for taking you across the street. Pretty cheap in case you don’t know how to cross a road.

Me: Kodambakkam?
Auto: 80 rupees!
Me: That much? It’s just nearby right?
Auto: But there is lot of traffic, sir.
Me: So what? I should pay for the traffic too? I will give you 30 rupees.
Auto: Go by walk for free.
So much for customer satisfaction. I somehow cleverly bargained him for 50 bucks and got into the auto. He steered it into some weird lane. I asked him” which way is this?”
His answer “Shortcut sir, to avoid the traffic.” left me scratching my own head.

2) Language problem- whichever language you ask in, you get reply only in Tamil. The word, communication has a new meaning in this place.

3) Roads- The roads look like they have been last laid some hundred years back. To top it, if it even drizzles, you will have to walk with your pants up.

I thought of listing at least 10 points, but right now I am down with viral fever which I caught at Chennai thanks to rains. In short, my trip was totally screwed. As I said earlier, I would never ever visit that place but would be glad to stay there provided I have a vehicle and a good flat.


  1. @ adithya,

    yeah, chennai is a good place, but the city is a bit stubborn. and for those who don't know the language, its a bit difficult.

    i am wondering as to how come you have "fever" ... as i understand there were no rains in chennai, until the last fortnight.

    anyway, i would also love to live in that city, if i have my own "Vehicle" and a "Flat" ... with good companionship, you know, the lady if is comfortable with my "out of place ways".

    i have my own list of complaints about the city, which are in the blogpost below ... i hope its an "enjoyable and thrilling read", for all those lovely people, who are reading this.

    cheers !

  2. Firstly, I hope you recover from the fever soon...

    I visited Madras once when I was 11...had extended family there. And I was soooo glad to be back in Bombay after a couple of weeks! I think what got to me the most was how people only spoke Tamil! Mind you, I'm Tamilian and while I can understand the language, I cannot speak Tamil. So it was a nightmare because I couldn't even go to the shop around the corner by myself. The water there at that time was weird as well --- it was hard water and reddish in colour!

  3. Haha, I don't remember how many times I've heard people hating that city :D
    And get well soon idiot >:D<

  4. Hi Aditya...

    That was a pretty short post, considering that you blogged after a long time... and on Chennai, you could have gone on & on....

    I have been in Chennai for 2 years, and the points you mentioned are absolutely right. You missed mentioning the hot-humid climate that transforms you into a human sponge, sweating to the core.... :-)

    Auto drivers are rascals.... people deliberately avoid speaking in Hindi.... but, after 2 years of stay, I started liking the place. Nothing beats Chennai when it comes to discount offers and weekend getaways... ;-)

    Anyway, get well soon and awaiting a LONGER post next time... :-P

  5. I hope you get well soon. When i visited chennai It was ages ago for the national games , IT was hot then and i too caught a viral fever ...

    Take care

  6. Auto drivers in Chennai can fleece you. But otherwise honestly, apart from the weather, it is a better place than most cities. I feel the roads are better (they are!) and the traffic is more disciplined. Atleast 70% stick to their lanes. You can cross the road at zebra crossings. Traffic actually stops! Its just the weather I dislike.

  7. Happy New Year!!!

    have a fantastic New year

  8. I'm very apprehensive about Chennai due to its weather, but I'm told its a good place!

    But, I need to see that first hand and cannot conclude on account of my two visits both of which lasted less than 8 hrs!

    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  9. YOU are going to chennai again it or not..i ve cursed you and u know my curses never fail..:P..naanu oru maaru solluna, nooru maaru sollu maadiri..(hope i got the dialogue right..:))

  10. hi tinku, please find more time to make new posts !!!

    its absolute joy to read your blog.

  11. You are a very fantastic writer must say , this is the first blog I read and I am a fan of you!! Will complete all your posts soon..

  12. what you told about auto drivers are exactly true even i faced the same problem when i have been to chennai...! they won't talk in other language like hindi or telugu even though they can talk..! any ways buses in chennai are the better means of transport buddy u would have used that ...!

  13. NIce post...first tiem on your blog and liked the matter to read on...
    Chennai has not been the fav place of visit for many ppl...i went there once..had a terrible matter of food and language bth....and i dnt think i will go there now unless necesaary...


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