Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A treat to ears...

I am blessed. Ok, WE are blessed.

On September 26th I had written a post called A Musical Journey about some of the rare gems in Hindi composed by Ilayaraja sir. Even while writing that, I was still waiting for that 'Perfect' hindi album from the genius and the feeling I have right now (since one month) is nothing short of divinity. I was waiting for this particular movie from almost 1 and half years. I was merely hoping for a south Indian meals from him and Ilayaraja sir gave us all, not only full Indian meals but also pizza with extra cheese toppings. The name of the movie is ‘PAA’.

Mudi Mudi song is definitely the most significant song of the album. Artistic use of piano, violin and an occasional guitar to support the percussion makes this song very hummable and stays with us on our lips and very pleasant to our ears. It has 2 more versions and they are brilliantly done even though they sound similar. He practically demonstrated how to compose a different song using the same tune-Little difference in arrangement of the instruments. I like the Shaan version (Gali Gali) more personally, as it was much slower and different than the other two and yet had the same melody, tune with different instruments-The magic of Ilayaraja! Why, even the other two which sound ALMOST similar have different lead (more dominant) instruments-Guitar for Mudi Mudi and Piano for Udi Udi.

Hichki Hichki is another magical song. I never thought hiccups can get musical too. A very difficult song to sing and there is a stamp of a genius written all over!

Chorus has always been the main bane in Raja sir’s music and Halke se bole song is another example of his mastery. Beautifully sung and simple rythemic music can get even a wall to cry!

Mere paa is one song, you should listen to believe it. It was sung by Amitabh Bachan himself in the voice of a 13 year old and boy, does he sound convincing! Check out Bachan sir’s comments after he recorded this song with Ilayaraja in his blog.

Here is the link: Big B's BLOG

Paa theme has everything in it-excitement, emotions, happiness, fun and sheer divinity. The violins which form the dominant part, even during the TV ads tell you half the story-a musical treat.

Last but not the last, my personal favorite is Gum sum Gum. It’s actually a very old tune, rehashed once again in this movie with a different orchestration. This song is a treat for all western classical and Indian classical music lovers, because it sways between two different worlds in the same song. With amazing jazz piano interludes, raja sir gives us the taste of western classical and when the vocals have clear Indian classical music touch to it making this song a musical lesson for generations to come. I am sure Mozart must be clapping in his grave. Not convinced? Listen to this song from 2:29 to 3:17-blessed music. The tune of Gum Summ Gum is almost 25 years old and already has 5 different versions of it and has two instrumental versions too. Trust me, NONE of the versions sound alike and yet they are the same!

Finally a fully satisfying hindi album from the music maestro. I am blessed! Are you?


  1. Sounds interesting. I've heard a lot about the movie as well.
    Will definitely check out the music and would give the previews a look to find out what the movie is all about.

    Thanks for a wonderful review Aditya :)

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Yes...I have heard all the songs.
    And Gumm Summ is my favourite too! Its lyrics are so nice...the music is so touching....seriously..its great music one is listening to! :)

  3. I have just heard 'mudi mudi' and I love this song . But reading this post , I think I have to listen to other songs too :)

  4. gumm summ is cool. Want to watch it this week

  5. Paa is going to be one of Big B's best performances ever! Gum sum gum is a malayalam song remake btw :) I like the original better for obvious reasons ;)

  6. Agree...the gum sum is typical illayaraj music over ears oops years...

    I liked the 3 idiots' album also...not all but few songs were good. Paa, I belive is a good movie too!

  7. Will check out the album what with such a raving review from you.

  8. @Chatterbox- Thank you. waiting for your review on this music :)

    @Anu-Agrred completely. Thanks :)

    @Ekam- You definitely have to. You are missing something if you dont ;)

    @Sorcerer- Do tell me how you like the music :)

  9. @Dhanya- Naturally ;) But it has 5 versions other than Gum summ and original was actually a background music which came 27 yrs back in Kamal Hassan starrer.(which was remade in hindi called SADMA). I love the malayalam vcersion too ;). Ilayaraja stamp is present in that one too. :D

    @Numerounity-Yeah. Glad you like the music :)

    @Shail-Do check out and let me know maam :)

  10. am waiting to see 'paa' this weekend.

    mudhi mudhi is one of my fav numbers that released in recent times. gum sum gum is completely rehashed from an old malayalam song tune... but it's been done well tho...

  11. @Ashwathy-Thanks for the comment. Yeah Gum sum Gum is an old rehashed song and as I told you, the original was justa background score in a kamal hassan movie moonram pirai( sadma in hindi) which was made into full fledged songs 5 times in 5 different movies before gum sum. :)

  12. Have not heard the songs apart from what comes on the promos. But he is a great musician. Will check it out after your great review.

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  14. @ aditya,

    hmmm alaga ? ... nice movie is it ?

    thanks for referring it ... its worth seeing i guess.

    cheers !

  15. Ah, bliss from music! Unmatched! I've been away from fellow bloggers and their blogs for a long time now and truly missed it. Hope you are doing good. Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

  16. @radha-Thanks for the comment. Do check out the music :)

    @Sojo-Thanks for the info. :)

    @Rakesh- Thank you. Wish you the same sir :)

    @Vamsi Welcome to my space. Thanks :)


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