Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Casualty friendship

My dear friend Ananya, once posted in her facebook status-'It is easy to pretend death. Switch off your mobile and stop coming online, people will start asking whether your are alive or dead!!!

Times have changed but people haven’t. Rules of friendship has changed drastically. The actual proverb should have been ‘A friend for nothing is a friend indeed’ instead of the original one. Well, here friends mean colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends of friends, acquaintances, old classmates, new classmates, old classmates of my old classmates etc.  This post isn’t about my friends ( I have many of them and consider them the best of my life), but about those ‘friends' who appointed themselves to the grade. The other day, I received a call from an unknown number. If a timer was set to record the difference of time between my ‘hello’ and his ‘onslaught’, it would be somewhere in fractions of seconds. The conversation went on like this

Me: Hello?
Unknown caller: Where the hell have you been?..............................................( it went on for some time…)
Me: Am here. But who is this?
Unknown caller: So you have forgotten my voice too now?
Me: But… Ok… Who is this?
Unknown caller: I will kick your ass if you say that again.
Me: Fuck you @#$%&*!!!

Why can’t people speak normally here instead of expecting the whole world to remember their voice? And they always choose the busiest time of the day to call and expect me to entertain them by playing their game of guesses. They are no less than those tele-marketing guys.In fact more, because those guys do it for a living.

This is just the tip of an iceberg with lot of more dangling under the water. To say you are busy, has become a crime. Invariably you can’t avoid them behind the mask of being busy. Especially, when ‘busy’ isn’t a mask but a great feeling of doing something constructive. Last week, I was at a meeting in office, a training to be more specific and I was getting a call on my mobile. Despite my repeated non-answering of calls, the calls wouldn’t stop at all and after a while started coming from two different numbers, one after the other continuously. My manager noticed my discomfort and asked me to attend the call & come. I came out of the room answering the call, only to find out that couple of my friends had come to my office & waiting at a tea stall opposite my building. My office is in outskirts of the city. I, out of curiosity asked them why they had come. None of them gave a straight answer but a sarcastic answer laced with humour (so called).

“ So Mr. Busy, we have to take appointment to meet you now? Get your ass down. Tera office tak aye hum.. ek chai tak nahi pilaoge?” (We came near your office…wont you offer us even tea?)

Did I want to shout at them? Or did I feel sad for their lonely life, I don’t know because I couldn’t really understand the psychology behind this visit. Of course, they were in the same area for some work and thought of me. I truly appreciate the fact, that people remember me. Even I call up (once) people when am in their vicinity. But only to find out, if they were free enough to meet. And I also don’t tell them that my sole purpose of coming was to visit her/him. But that’s the answer I always get. Every time, when asked what they were doing in this area, I get the same reply.

“ You don’t come to visit us Mr.busy, so we came to visit you.”  Ok buddy, now fuck off!

There are another set of people who have self induced notions about certain things and come to conclusions about it. Well, I live in Uppal area (Hyderabad). For those who don’t know, Hyderabad’s cricket stadium is in the same area. During international matches in Hyderabad, my mobile doesn’t stop ringing for a very stupid reason. People call me for tickets to the match. From when did this bill get passed in parliament that tickets are to be distributed for free to people living in and around the stadium? Or am I to resign my current job and work at the ticket counter at the stadium to get the tickets for my friends? Or am I to understand that my friends expect me to stand in the line to buy the tickets for the match, I wouldn’t be watching. Their reason for calling me is- I live nearby the stadium. With that logic, those who live near parliament should be allowed to contest for next elections. World cup is coming in 81 days. To all those who might be thinking of calling me for the tickets, think at least once please
I don’t understand whether it’s the loneliness or plain sadism, but people expect to be entertained always. A friend sends me those bland forward messages every day. I don’t mind receiving them but he expects me to reply to them. Even a simple ‘:-D ‘ from me, would encourage him to send me 10 more messages immediately. But if I don’t reply for some time, I get a string of questions marks in my inbox. In my youth, this was called, height of vanity. There are another kind too-the blackmail kind. I received a message on my mobile-‘You really changed. You were not like this before. Do you think, only you are busy?’. I felt bad. I tried explaining him, wrote few long messages. So, after a few days, when he asked to meet up with few old friends, I said okay and went. All through the meet, the smirk on his face made me realize, he never meant the message he had sent me. It was just an attempt to make me feel guilty of something. Sadism? Sorry bro, lesson learnt! I won’t feel guilty for nothing.

I still remember those days when I was jobless, I was desperately calling up friends in the evening to meet up. I am sure I myself would have made mistakes similar to these to irritate my friends who were busy in their offices. But I learnt from them but I dont see any signs of them in people around me.Earlier people used to hate me for not calling them. Now they hate me for not scrapping, walling, blogging, tweeting, mailing, messaging, meeting. A friend is not a person you call at the dead of the night. A friend is one who won’t call you at that odd hour because he would know you are sleeping.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Headlines Today

Can one industry change the way people think? 
Media is a powerful tool. It has the power to break or make things in our world. May be the term ‘Breaking news’ originated from this power.  A lot has been already said about Indian media. They have been sneered for their ‘breaking news’ and shoving the news down our throats. I will not get into all that. I want to give my 2 cents on internet media like online newspapers. 

Personally, I prefer the news websites online rather than their counterparts on television. That’s because, at least I get the freedom of choosing which news to read and which to avoid. On television, I get to see the same news in all the channels with just the anchors different. But I have later realized that though these websites are of lesser evil, they are evil nevertheless. The tactics they use to get people read their articles (news) can put some of our self promoting bloggers to shame. The fact that, these websites are already popular and considered a brand makes this even more evil, considering the fact that people actually go to their websites to catch up on NEWS around the world. If it is the TRPs on television, then it is the number of hits per post in the internet world. More specifically in blogger terms, it is called ‘Traffic’. A phrase, every blogger would know and strives hard to get even before he has any content on his blog. It is sad, that news websites aren’t exception to this online phenomenon. 

Unlike the shameless bloggers, there is a streak of intelligence in promotions by news websites. Of course that shouldn’t be considered excusable because even the most intelligent thief should be jailed. Here are some observations.

     1. Like headlines, electronic media thrives on ‘Title’ of the article to catch ones eye. Interesting title invariably can make the viewer click on it to read the complete article. It’s perfectly acceptable to conceive captivating titles to grab the eye balls. We all as bloggers, do that to be frank. But creating a title which has no connection whatsoever to the article is something as a reader can piss me off. I was once browsing through a popular news website where I came across a title, ‘Saif is a bastard’. Immediately I clicked on the link and began reading the article. It was an interview of some guy, not even related to movies and the whole thing was not remotely connected to Saif Ali Khan. Finally before the last 3 lines, there was one line which said-‘I never said Saif is a bastard’. Was this the basis of making it the title of an article Mr. Editor? If I remember correctly, I don’t even think it was referring to the actor specifically but readers will definitely click on the link thinking so. Pure blasphemy.

     2. Most of the time while reading such news websites, I find a third rate journalist, trying to write something to fill up the page. No, I am not commenting on the standard of English but of the article. The modus operandi is simple. The first part would present you with all juicy details which would make us rub our hands with glee at what is unfolding. Glossy gossips take the center stage as the article proceeds to tell us how the elite behave or misbehave.  The second part would be an exact opposite of the first, clearly negating everything that was written above. Most of the time, it’s written in such a way that those involved would be denying the gossip. The third usually would be just one or two lines claiming ignorance of truth in the above report, aimed at laughing at us for reading the whole shit. 

     3. In addition to the above point, the silliest aspect of this kind of reporting is, they would not be ready to take the blame. They cleverly put the blame on ‘Sources’. I don’t know who these sources are but every time I read a crappy news article, it’s always attributed to their elite sources, which bring in the news to them and hence clearing themselves from getting accused of misreporting. Of course, even a kid can see through their farce. In all probability, there would be no sources, I mean who in the world would employ informers to find out what Kareena or Deepika wore for tonight's party?

Attention to ALL news websites: If you are posting something which you are not sure of its authenticity, which has been told to you by some outsider (sources) and which is not even important to anyone, then why post it?

It is indeed sad, that any forms of media are eyes and ears of public and if they are so grossly misused by third rate journalists and SEO crazy editors, then God help them. Talking of God, if you guys have noticed, comments below ANY article in these websites have religious flavour in it. There would be hundred of comments below these posts, abusing each other using choicest words to degrade each other’s religion. And this is true for any damn article of any topic under the sun, from science to cricket, politics to glamour. Jobless youth of India?

Monday, August 23, 2010



When death takes over, life becomes a laughing stock. Ironically, there were none to laugh. The year 2012 has seen destruction of everything leaving the towns and cities in ruins. The humans ceased to exist and the silence around the world had a chilling effect which fortunately the dead couldn’t feel. All through their existence for thousands of years, humans achieved everything except peace. That’s because, no matter how honest a man is, there will be always someone who thinks he is an asshole.

Having said this, life has this unique way of losing virginity. We take birth again…after 500 years.

Thousand years later…

Archeologists are a funny lot. They dig up the dead to enlighten the living. Probably the term, digging one’s own grave originated from them.  A group of them got to work on a hot afternoon. It was year 3012 and signs were clear that they were digging their own graves symbolically. They were not sure what might find, but surely hoping to find few old kingfisher bottles only to prove that alcohol existed before humans did.  What they actually found changed the face of earth…yet again and life started rubbing its hands in glee, eager to resume its favorite passion-screwing people. They found a comic book of Superman. The chief archeologist held the ancient book with reverence and fear. Well, he wasn’t judging the book by its cover. If he did, he would have thrown it away presuming that the book contained pictures of improperly dressed ancient men. As they continued digging, they found few more books of Superman.

The chief got all the books to their office lab and after dusting them properly, he sat down to read them with excitement. He knew he held something which is at least thousand years old. His father had told him that life had existed some thousand years ago. What his father didn’t know was the old saying-Life goes on, no matter what. He read the books slowly, straining to read every word. As he reached the end of the books, his throat was dry. His heart was beating at high speeds, skipping few beats once in a while. As he turned the last page over, he exclaimed the first word which came to his mind-‘GOD!!’

Five Hundred more years later…

Civilization is like a Mercedes. It looks grand even when if it’s parked under a tree. Pace, competition and indifference are three principles of civilization and humans are good at them. In most parts of the world, life has returned to normal. Inventions and discoveries have become a routine though as usual, the first ever discovery of man was sex. There were so many things to discover, invent or at least dig up.  In countries like India, people are still spitting on roads, a habit which is at least thousand years old. Telephone was rediscovered and so was internet. Social networking sites like assbook became immensely popular which promised to make the world a small place.

Humans have once again proved that they deserve to live on earth, achieving great heights except...PEACE


Monday, August 9, 2010


Aunts are a special and rare species. Now, I clearly understand why Wodehouse made a living writing about them. They can irritate the hell out of you and yet you wont even realize that you are being scrutinized to the last detail in their utterly nonsense gibberish. From the latest recipe to the most recent marriage, the discussion among them can get very engrossing, provided you have the label called aunt.

My mom has four sisters and at least (Am bad at math) four more cousins. If you throw in few sister-in-laws here and there, you get my point-a battalion of aunts whenever there is some function or a family get-together. I always marveled at their enthusiasm discussing the same old vegetables or bashing the same old relative (most preferable another aunt). May be that’s why, in their midst I open my mouth only to eat.
There are different kinds of aunts in this world.

1)Inbuilt advisory- These are the boring kinds, who will advice you on everything.

One aunt to me-' Why didn’t you go to America? Mrs. Sharma’s son went to US to study.'
'Simple reason-I didn’t want to', I said shrugging.

'You should have done some course and joined IT company. '
'Aunt, I am working at a reputed Bank.'  I said in a nonchalant manner

'Of course, its not an IT company. They don’t send you to America.'
'Yes aunt. I am glad. Americans don’t know what they didn’t miss.'

'Did you know, Mrs.Joshi’s daughter scored a state rank in the entrance exam. You should learn something from her.'
' err... Should I go back to college?'
'No...', she said sharply. 'You should learn to work hard like her.'
'When did you EVER see me work or laze around? Last time I saw you, was some 4 yrs back.'

'Do you save money? Start doing it right now. Save at least couple of thousand rupees every month.'
'Sure. Do send me the money.'

'You roam with friends a lot. You should be responsible now and help your mom.'
'I didn’t see your son here. Where is he?' with a straight face.
'With friends...'- she replied sheepishly.

2)Jealous- These are the irritating kinds.

She said -Such a lovely Saree, my dear. Where did you buy it?

She meant -Hmpff she always buys something.

She said -Nice house. Did you have any designer do your interiors?

She meant -She doesn’t deserve it. She is just lucky to marry that man.

3)Gossip mongers- Pure entertainment. Sometimes they themselves forget whose side they are on, constantly changes sides gossiping about every person in the family from their financial status to her eye lashes. 

4)Matchmakers- The most dangerous of their kind. I sometimes feel, they get some commission for playing cupid. Or else why would they take so much pain to ‘get’ a ‘good’ match for others' kids.

Getting closer, one aunt asked me- 'Adi,… When are you getting married?'

I just shrugged off.

'I know a beautiful girl just for you. '

'Oh really? Your daughter?'. I said with a huge grin.

'NOOO. I mean, you know Mrs. Sunita? My distant relative? Her daughter is perfect for you, I feel.'


'Really, she is very good.'

' Okay. What does she do?'

'IT company..' she said proudly

'Which one?'

'I don’t know. But Good salary, I know.'

'You saw her pay slip or what?' I asked aghast at the possibility.

'Shut up! Marry her. She is a decent girl.'

'Wonderful!  By ‘decent’, did you just mean, she has no boyfriend?' I asked inquiringly.

'She comes from a good family.' she replied dismissively.

'Nice logic' I said grinning.

'Come on. You see her once. You won’t be able to take your eyes off.'

'Is that why, you have your eyes on her?'

She looked at me alarmingly, and asked me the dreaded question which am SURE she doesn’t understand.

'Are you gay?
'Don’t worry aunt, I shall invite you to my marriage to prove that I am not. '

Flashing her smile again as if understanding a private joke after everyone else has laughed, she said

'Good. Leave everything else to me. I shall take care.'

'Of what? The marriage? Well my answer is no. I don’t want to marry that girl. '

'She laughed. Her laugh was hollow, more like a screech of a bird in pain.'

Now saying NO to an aunt is sacrilegious and she immediately forms an opinion about how kids now days have no respect for elder people.

5)The intruders- Another irritating types.
They want to know everything. The frequent questions I hate are about my financial status or salary. The question, how much is your salary sounds like how much is your worth and sorry, I hate being judged by how much I earn.

6) Critics - The funniest of them all. Show them The Monalisa painting and they would find mistakes which the historians have missed all these years. They have a problem with everything. May be we should admire their frankness in expressing their displeasure but when it is for salt in food or because ice cream was not served at lunch, the admiration vanishes.

All said and done, they are my relatives and they cant be blamed for my anti social sarcasm.

Well, I am back of sorts. I tried hard to think of various excuses for not writing regularly, even tried to tell myself that I am very busy. But Bloggers like Neha, Guria, pawan etc have inspired me to get back to typing my thoughts into words who have been writing regularly in spite of their busy world. My last post was in April and lot has happened since then. I changed my job and my line of career. I left sales and joined banking-operations. Earlier, I used to sell and throw the forms to the operations team for processing. Now I changed places but in a different industry.  The transition has been smooth given the fact that I enjoy the AC more than the sun though the pressure remains the same.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Burn darling burn!

It’s time to make amendments. We have a new game/sport in which India is shining and I am undertaking this mission to make it our national game. Join me in signing a petition to the government to make this sport very popular and Olympics be damn, let’s have the tournament in our country and invite other countries here. I am sure; Somalia, Pakistan and other high spirited countries might give a stiff competition but once again am sure, India would kickass. The game is called-‘Pelt a stone-Burn an effigy’.

Let us join hands, light a candle or even better pelt few stones to make this sport, our national game. India loses a cricket match and our street smart players get ready for their match. A politician unexpectedly talks sense, then our top performers start flexing arms. An actress blurts out something half mindedly and they burn her effigy. Amazed with their unabated consistency and passion towards their game, I approached one of them for an interview and am glad, he took his time out from stones and effigies, spoke about his experiences and journey to the top. Here is the interview.

Q.Hello. It’s a pleasure meeting you sir. So how did you start playing this game?

A- Thank you. Oh, I learnt this art at school. I used to pelt stones at passing trains. Someone told me, people are better target. Since then I have used my experience and grown gradually in this field.

Q.Cool. When did you come to limelight?

A-Oh it was that actress Kushboo’s incident. She said pre-martial sex is fine and I, with my team burnt her effigy and pelted many stones. I was on front page of every newspaper.

Q. Good. So you were a virgin then?

A-me? No. Why do you ask?

Q.Then why did you pelt stones?

A. You are so na├»ve. I just started my career. I had to work hard. Shouldn’t I?

Q.So true. Then tell us about your journey from there.

A- It was a great exciting journey. We were supported well by Indian cricket team by losing few important games. Click here to see our action.

Q.But even the Hockey/football team loses every game. We never saw you guys flexing arms after that.

A. We would come in picture when they win.

Q.Interesting. Tell us about your recent ambush at Hyderabad. It was a religious riot. So how did you guys fit in?

A. Oh we had great fun. My team is secular. Once day we threw stones at the Muslims and next day, we threw at the Hindus. Some days, we were openly secular-we just threw stones at everybody.

Q.Wonderful. Can you tell us about the effigies burning part of your sport?

A- Its great fun. This is more hard work than pelting stones as those effigies have to be manufactured first and then burnt.

Q.But those effigies look like Rakhi Sawant without make up. Is that deliberate?

A. Of course. We take immense care to see that those effigies don’t resemble the actual person and then we put a board around the neck before burning. Minute details are worked out.

Q.What is more satisfying? Pelting stones or burning effigies?

A. Haha, we love both fields. We try hard to make both happen but we also have tough lucks!

Q.Oh like what?

A. Well sometimes stones are not available or the effigies are not ready. So we have to adjust with whatever is available. We do not have much support from the governing body. *sighs*

Q.Don’t worry. My readers will definitely take up your issue to the concerned person. So which is the biggest challenge to your sport?

A. The police. I hate it when they bring their shields. What is the fun when they use shields against our stones? I mean, where is the sporting spirit?

Q.So true. So you guys have any competitors?

A. Of course. Kashmir team has always lead the way. Gujarat team has performed consistently, thanks to their good practice. We come third in terms of performance, though we have stiff competition from Bangalore, Bihar. Very soon we will start, SEPL. Stones and Effigies premier league.

Q.Wonderful. That’s a big challenge indeed. So when is your next game?

A. On Sania Mirza’s marriage. We are well prepared this time. She gave us the date beforehand, so we made our arrangements in terms of stones and their effigies.

Q.Awesome. Wish you all the luck. Thanks for time and hope you inspired my readers to take up this lucrative career of stoning and burning.

A. My pleasure entirely. I just wish, we get enough sponsors so that we start SEPL as soon as possible. Thanks again. Hope you guys get hit soon. Bye Bye.

So that's it guys. Wasn't that an interesting interview? Hope that convinced you to join hands with me to make this sport, our national game.

Picture courtesy: Google.com

Monday, March 1, 2010

Selling blues

Disclaimer: I shall not take the name of the product/service which my office deals with

I had always thought, as long as there are people to buy, salesmen have their jobs. But in real, it’s the opposite. As long as there are salesmen, people will always buy no matter how bad the product/service is! On my first day at office, some 5 months ago, I learnt my first rule of selling-don’t sell the product, sell your personality. People will buy your product automatically. And I have ended up selling my soul.

Last 5 months as a sales person, I had the most frustrating and exciting life. In short, am excited when I sell and frustrated when I don’t. I still remember the ‘water’ incident which changed my perception. I and my colleague went to meet a prospective customer at his residence. The moment I gave my introduction at the door step, his face expressions changed. He had that-‘who allowed you inside the apartment’ look which we usually get and bluntly said-he was not interested at all.

As he was about to close the door, I gave him my best smile and said-“Not a problem sir. It’s very hot outside. Can I at least have a glass of water?”

He nodded and turned back to his wife. Seeing that she was on phone, he himself went in to get the water and seconds later, we did what we are good at. We started conversing with his wife who had just put down the phone. The conversation ranged from her beautiful saree to the artistic painting behind the wall, from her cute kid to her impeccable English despite being a housewife. Exactly 10 minutes later, she was filling up our forms while her husband was watching us across the room with his hands folded and the water untouched.

A big smile on face, over enthusiastic for anything and that’s a readymade salesman for you. Tell him, you are not interested; he will give you a smile. Tell him you already have it, he will still smile. Tell him you are busy, he will smile wider. And tell him to come back later, and he won’t leave until you give him your number and exact date/time to come back again. I am sure every one of us has met a salesman at least once in our life. What did you tell him? That you are not interested? Did he tell you with a big infectious smile-“Not a problem! Have a nice day”? Did he? Well ‘have a nice day’ for a salesman means ‘go to hell’ and that’s attitude!

The best and the foolproof method to find out if a salesman is lying-check if he is talking or not; it’s true we live in the world of lies. A young guy in one of our associate offices raised his hand in the meeting and asked-

‘Sir, we have been getting lot of calls from the customers, shouting at us about the quality of the product. What are we doing about it?’

The boss gave him the usual big smile and said-‘Don’t give them your number.’

‘But sir, if the product is bad, why are we selling them?’

‘My boy, we are selling them only because the product is bad. If it’s good, they don’t need you.’

And that’s true.

Being a salesman requires lot of attitude and positivity. Being on the field for 6 hours and constantly listening to people saying ‘Not interested’ can screw up anyone’s attitude in a day or two. Well, along with positive attitude, he got to be shameless too. I remember last month, when I walked into State Bank of India, Begumpet branch and started talking to an old woman in her cubicle. Just seconds into the conversation, she started shouting at me, how I disturbed her during working hours, how I didn’t have the minimum courtesy to understand that bank isn’t the right place to sell, how she hates people wasting her time and finally told me to get out & never disturb her again. The whole bank was watching her shouting at me. I simply said ‘good day’ to her and walked into the branch manager’s cabin. Ten mins later, I sold and I came out. You can say I am shameless; I would prefer to call it positive attitude! (What I say about it doesn’t make any difference as long as I make money)

I really don’t know if marriages are made in heaven but I definitely know that friendships blossom on field. I have made some great and real friends at office only because of the field and the fun we had with customers. Some of the experiences are memorable-

It was a hot afternoon at Chennai, when we walked into Punjab national bank. After meeting few employees, I and Rakesh walked into chief Manager’s Cabin.

‘Hello sir. This is Aditya from Hyderabad’-extending my hand for a handshake.

‘I know’-with his palm facing me and went back to doing his work.

‘Well I came to meet you sir.’

‘I know’

‘err, I came here to give you an invitation actually from..’

‘ I know’ with his palm facing us yet again.

I looked at Rakesh for help and he looked like a guy ready to burst into laughter anytime.

‘You know sir?’

‘I Know… thank you’ and went about his work.

I simply muttered ‘Not a problem! Have a nice day’ under my breath and walked out. Once on the road, we laughed for 5 minutes. We don’t know why we laughed and for what. But we did. After a while, we controlled ourselves and walked towards the central bank nearby. I already had the appointment to meet the AGM and after waiting for a while, we walked in. We talked for few minutes, when the AGM got a phone call and he spoke in tamil for 25 minutes! Rakesh was listening to him like a kid who watches cartoons- I mean open mouthed. After 25 hilarious minutes, he put down the phone and I said-

‘Sir, we came from Hyderabad. We are leaving tomorrow to our place.’-trying to put a sense of urgency to make him agree.

‘Can you come next week?’

‘ No sir, we are leaving tomorrow. It will just take 2 minutes to fill the form and write out a cheque’ I said with a smile.

‘ When are you coming back?’ He asked

And Rakesh lost it. He stared laughing uncontrollably. I looked at the AGM and my friend and the mere situation made me laugh. It was like an infection which spreads, a happiness which can’t be avoided and a joy which has to be accepted. I and Rakesh were sitting in an Assistant General Manager’s Cabin and laughing our asses off. We were wiping our eyes and muttering ‘sorry’s and laughing more. We had no control over ourselves. I finally realized its was going out of hand, just stood up and said

‘I am really sorry sir. I will definitely meet you when I come next time to Chennai’ and walked out to the road.

Rakesh burst into fresh laughter at my last sentence and we were both hugging each other & laughing our asses off on the busy road of Mount Road.

In a different situation,

I and my colleague went to meet a person at his office.

Shaking hands with him, I said-‘Hello sir. Hope you remember me? I met you 2 weeks back. You asked me to come in Feb 1st week’ with a huge smile.

‘Oh yes. Oh yes. I remember. But I am very busy right now. Can you come back later?’

‘Sure sir. Anytime…’ and that person was already walking away from us. I called out to him and asked-

‘So when can I come back sir?’

‘Yeah yeah. Come anytime when I am free’.

‘Sure sir. When would you be free sir?’

‘After March probably’ and he left me scratching my head.

And some awkward situations like,

I and my colleague went to meet a customer whom we had met one week ago at her residence. When I rang the bell, a very cute and pretty kid came out. She informed me that her mom is not at home and she might come back in the evening or so.

‘Oh that’s ok. Just tell her that Aditya had come. By the way, which class are you studying?’

‘I have finished my graduation’- she replied with all her facial muscles contracting.

I shall dedicate this post to all my friends at office- Rakesh, Darryl, Venkat, G.K, Rajesh, Ali, Arif, Saroj, Faheema, Kamlesh, Pawan, B.K, Ajay, Bhaskar, Satwick, Satya, Arun, Vamsi, Gowri Sankar, Manasa, Anshu, Vikrant, Ameena, Swathi, Ashok and last but not the least, to my most excited boss, Arvind sir.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A year that flew by...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Well no, this isn’t a post on New Year resolutions. I took a resolution 6 years back, not to take any during New Year eve and I have kept my promise. This must be the zillionth post on New Year, everyone I know have been giving their 2 cents on the topic. So I thought, why not jump the bandwagon? But when most people look towards their future, I shall dwell upon my past year. Well basically I am a nostalgia freak. People, who follow my posts, know that most of the time (always) I write about my past. That’s because I enjoy my present. Those who enjoy their present will have lots to cherish in their future. Ok, I shall patent this line or else Aamir Khan might make a movie out of it.

Life is very unpredictable. It’s never important how life treats us. Rather it’s the other way round-the way you treat life makes all the difference. Last year has been very exciting. The other day, when I was getting late to meet someone, I was running along the road when I slipped on the wet mud and was about to fall into the pool of water. I managed to balance myself by holding on to the pole nearby, only to realize that the pole was freshly painted and my new cream trousers had few yellow patches making me look like Tushar Kapoor. What I don’t understand was, every time something of this sort happens; there is always a pretty girl around which makes the situation even more awkward. The truth was, I slipped only because I was looking at her while running. Well, I have no regrets. Pretty girls are the reason why I have healthy eyes. I guess that’s called-‘Nayan Sukh Prapti’ and it has no side effects except few yellow patches. Coming back to the last year, I can divide it into three parts-Student, Unemployed youth, Respectable employee of the society.

Till July 3rd, I was pursuing my MBA and had a blast at my college. To know more about my college, click here. Ok chuck it, the college is not important, the time spent there is. And I had a blast in my final months of hostel life. My eyes were at their best of health with symbiosis college right opposite us. My roommates Ankur and Veeru made my life at I2IT most memorable. In case, we had not met, I would have passed my MBA with flying colors but I prefer the latter because I had the time of my life and got my friends for life.

From July 3rd to Oct 9th, I was the unemployed youth with cinematic troubles in life. With the pathos violin playing in the background of my daily routine, I spent three months at home, merely cherishing my past and smiling to myself. Oh yes, I also had started blogging seriously and wrote some inspired posts thanks to ample time I had in my hands. Those were the days when my dog had felt am his brethren-eat, sleep and bark at others. (But seriously, a dog’s life is the best in this world-food delivered to his mouth and all he had to do is bark all day).

And then I made a new beginning. From being a dog, I suddenly changed gears and became a lion when I got a job. Collars were raised, attitude in full flow, I became the respectable employee of the society. Though I earn peanuts, I am working hard so that one day I earn my cashew nuts and last 3 months literally flew by. Of course, my luck never leaves me alone but I had some ‘most cherish-able’ moments at work.

A new year has come and of course will go. But with another 365 days of excitement and more fodder for future posts, I shall sign off now.

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