Monday, January 4, 2010

A year that flew by...

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Well no, this isn’t a post on New Year resolutions. I took a resolution 6 years back, not to take any during New Year eve and I have kept my promise. This must be the zillionth post on New Year, everyone I know have been giving their 2 cents on the topic. So I thought, why not jump the bandwagon? But when most people look towards their future, I shall dwell upon my past year. Well basically I am a nostalgia freak. People, who follow my posts, know that most of the time (always) I write about my past. That’s because I enjoy my present. Those who enjoy their present will have lots to cherish in their future. Ok, I shall patent this line or else Aamir Khan might make a movie out of it.

Life is very unpredictable. It’s never important how life treats us. Rather it’s the other way round-the way you treat life makes all the difference. Last year has been very exciting. The other day, when I was getting late to meet someone, I was running along the road when I slipped on the wet mud and was about to fall into the pool of water. I managed to balance myself by holding on to the pole nearby, only to realize that the pole was freshly painted and my new cream trousers had few yellow patches making me look like Tushar Kapoor. What I don’t understand was, every time something of this sort happens; there is always a pretty girl around which makes the situation even more awkward. The truth was, I slipped only because I was looking at her while running. Well, I have no regrets. Pretty girls are the reason why I have healthy eyes. I guess that’s called-‘Nayan Sukh Prapti’ and it has no side effects except few yellow patches. Coming back to the last year, I can divide it into three parts-Student, Unemployed youth, Respectable employee of the society.

Till July 3rd, I was pursuing my MBA and had a blast at my college. To know more about my college, click here. Ok chuck it, the college is not important, the time spent there is. And I had a blast in my final months of hostel life. My eyes were at their best of health with symbiosis college right opposite us. My roommates Ankur and Veeru made my life at I2IT most memorable. In case, we had not met, I would have passed my MBA with flying colors but I prefer the latter because I had the time of my life and got my friends for life.

From July 3rd to Oct 9th, I was the unemployed youth with cinematic troubles in life. With the pathos violin playing in the background of my daily routine, I spent three months at home, merely cherishing my past and smiling to myself. Oh yes, I also had started blogging seriously and wrote some inspired posts thanks to ample time I had in my hands. Those were the days when my dog had felt am his brethren-eat, sleep and bark at others. (But seriously, a dog’s life is the best in this world-food delivered to his mouth and all he had to do is bark all day).

And then I made a new beginning. From being a dog, I suddenly changed gears and became a lion when I got a job. Collars were raised, attitude in full flow, I became the respectable employee of the society. Though I earn peanuts, I am working hard so that one day I earn my cashew nuts and last 3 months literally flew by. Of course, my luck never leaves me alone but I had some ‘most cherish-able’ moments at work.

A new year has come and of course will go. But with another 365 days of excitement and more fodder for future posts, I shall sign off now.

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