Monday, August 23, 2010



When death takes over, life becomes a laughing stock. Ironically, there were none to laugh. The year 2012 has seen destruction of everything leaving the towns and cities in ruins. The humans ceased to exist and the silence around the world had a chilling effect which fortunately the dead couldn’t feel. All through their existence for thousands of years, humans achieved everything except peace. That’s because, no matter how honest a man is, there will be always someone who thinks he is an asshole.

Having said this, life has this unique way of losing virginity. We take birth again…after 500 years.

Thousand years later…

Archeologists are a funny lot. They dig up the dead to enlighten the living. Probably the term, digging one’s own grave originated from them.  A group of them got to work on a hot afternoon. It was year 3012 and signs were clear that they were digging their own graves symbolically. They were not sure what might find, but surely hoping to find few old kingfisher bottles only to prove that alcohol existed before humans did.  What they actually found changed the face of earth…yet again and life started rubbing its hands in glee, eager to resume its favorite passion-screwing people. They found a comic book of Superman. The chief archeologist held the ancient book with reverence and fear. Well, he wasn’t judging the book by its cover. If he did, he would have thrown it away presuming that the book contained pictures of improperly dressed ancient men. As they continued digging, they found few more books of Superman.

The chief got all the books to their office lab and after dusting them properly, he sat down to read them with excitement. He knew he held something which is at least thousand years old. His father had told him that life had existed some thousand years ago. What his father didn’t know was the old saying-Life goes on, no matter what. He read the books slowly, straining to read every word. As he reached the end of the books, his throat was dry. His heart was beating at high speeds, skipping few beats once in a while. As he turned the last page over, he exclaimed the first word which came to his mind-‘GOD!!’

Five Hundred more years later…

Civilization is like a Mercedes. It looks grand even when if it’s parked under a tree. Pace, competition and indifference are three principles of civilization and humans are good at them. In most parts of the world, life has returned to normal. Inventions and discoveries have become a routine though as usual, the first ever discovery of man was sex. There were so many things to discover, invent or at least dig up.  In countries like India, people are still spitting on roads, a habit which is at least thousand years old. Telephone was rediscovered and so was internet. Social networking sites like assbook became immensely popular which promised to make the world a small place.

Humans have once again proved that they deserve to live on earth, achieving great heights except...PEACE



  1. What gyaan..."Civilization is like a Mercedes. It looks grand even when if it’s parked under a tree"

    And once we are at peace with ourselves, will will achieve the impossible :)

  2. so cool and so true.. keep it going bro!

  3. Some real gyaan there! Talk of patience.That simply is my best enemy!!

  4. @Purba lol thanks :) Haha yeah but lets first achieve the possible. :)

    @♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ Thank you.

    @bonzo Sure man. Thanks.

    @Madhu Haha. patience is never a virtue when you are impatient ;) Thanks for the visit.

  5. Dude u seemd to be on to something... please post the second part :)

  6. @arshat.chaudhary-Lost my way bro! Some other time. I am now on something else :) Thanks.


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